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Quality Coaches has its roots in auto restoration, with an emphasis on British cars, including Austin Healey, Jaguar, Lotus, MG and Triumph. We have a long track record of successful automotive ‘rescues’, from owner Mark Brandow’s start in the business with a 1947 MG TC (pulled from the jungle in Malaysia while he was in the Peace Corps), to his aqua blue 6 seater MG beach cruiser!

If you are considering an auto restoration project, let us be upfront. There is no better choice for classic auto restorations in Minnesota than Quality Coaches. To understand the pedigree of our auto restoration services at Quality Coaches, you should know the story of our President and Owner Mark Brandow.

In 1967, while serving in the Peace Corps in Malaysia, Mark purchased a 1947 MGTB. At the time, he was teaching industrial arts, and believed the car was a good example of how metal, wood, mechanics and electricity can work together. It was a purchase that would ultimately lead him to start Quality Coaches.

In the years following his purchase, Mark learned a lot about MG restoration specifically, and about European car restoration in general. Throughout this period, he increased his knowledge about adding more power and performance and he began racing. Word began to spread about his knowledge of MG restoration and repairs, and his time at the University of Minnesota gave way to the start of Quality Coaches. His passion for vintage racing grew, entering events at Watkins Glen, Sebring, Laguna and other legendary tracks. He eventually has even won the prestigious Collier Cup.

Today, classic car restoration is a significant part of what we do at Quality Coaches. We appreciate the craftsmanship in originally creating these vintage and classic vehicles. We love being a part of getting them restored to their previous beauty. We have the equipment, the tools, the technology, experience and the skills to restore vehicles impeccably. It still is about an appreciation of how wood, metal, mechanics, and electricity work in harmony.

Auto restoration is a combination of mechanical ability, knowledge, art, experience and passion. It can take patience and some serious detective work. It can be a significant investment. If you have decided to move forward with an auto restoration project, you can count on Quality Coaches to get it done properly and professionally. We will follow your desires, and also have the experience to offer valuable insights.

We invite you to take a look at our restoration galleries to view some of our work. You can read Mark Brandow’s full story, including his racing adventures, in the About Us section of our website.

Quality Coaches has been serving the Twin Cities, MN area including Plymouth, Rockford, Andover, and Monticello since 1972. The roots of our passion for automobile restoration however, go back years previously with that MG restoration. If you are ready to embark on your dreams of a classic car restoration or even a European car restoration, contact us and let’s talk about it. Let’s discuss your goals and your passion. You will know you are among friends who understand that passion with a visit to Quality Coaches.

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