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Minnesota is famous for its “car killer” winters that squeeze the life out of car batteries. Frequently these cold snaps saps the energy from a car battery, but the heat of summer is also an enemy to your car’s battery. Whether it is the Minneapolis heat, cold, or simply its age, when you experience a battery problem, contact us at Twin Cities’ Quality Coaches.

With the technology involved in today’s cars your vehicle’s electrical system is more important than ever. The battery is the starting point of power that is provided to your car. The main job of a car battery is to provide the initial power to start your car. This power is measured in what is referred to as cranking amps. It can take anywhere from 200 to 600 amps to crank a car’s engine, and of course, the larger the engine, the more amps will be necessary. Generally speaking, the more power needed, the larger a battery will be.

Many don’t realize that once a car is started, the battery plays more the role of a regulator to keep voltage levels constant. This helps prevents power spikes. When you are driving, the alternator provides the power for your lights, radio, infotainment system, power windows and other electrically powered amenities. When your car is not running, your battery will power those accessories.

There is not a lot of servicing required for a car battery. Usually the only service involved is when you need a battery replacement and a new battery installation is required. That doesn’t mean however, that you shouldn’t have your battery checked. In fact the opposite is prudent. When you bring your vehicle to Quality Coaches, we can check your entire electrical system including your battery. We can see the warning signs that foretell a battery’s potential failure before it occurs. With the extremes in our Minnesota temperatures, it is a prudent thing to do at least every six months.

There are a few signs to look for that could indicate a potential battery problem. Check to see if there is crusting where your battery cables connect to the battery. You can also check for leakage. The best warning sign will be if your car begins to become difficult to crank, or cranks slowly when starting. This could be an indication that there is a battery replacement in your future. It is best to have that new battery installation done on your terms.

At Quality Coaches, we will be happy to assist you with a new battery. Remember though, it is just as critical you monitor the health of your battery and electrical system before problems occur. At Quality Coaches, our experienced team is committed to keeping you on the road no matter what make or model you drive. We’ve been doing it in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN area for over 40 years!

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