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Are your brakes squeaking? Are they making a grinding sound? Are your brakes feeling a bit soft? Is your vehicle pulling to one side when you brake? No matter where you live in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN area, Quality Coaches will get your brakes fixed right the first time. Each member of our team of automotive repair professionals has an average of over 25 years of service experience. They take pride in getting auto brake service done right the first time.

Most of us take our brakes for granted. We get in our vehicle and as long as it stops when we apply the brakes, we are satisfied. But brake wear happens gradually and you may not notice the difference as it occurs.

Front disc brakes are relatively easy to visually check for yourself. If you can see the pads through the open area of your wheels, you should check to make sure you have at least ¼ inch of material on the pads. If you have less, you can save yourself more costly repairs by having them looked at by Quality Coaches. Disc brakes also have a metal piece in place to audibly warn you when your pads are getting low. When you hear this high-pitched squeaking it is not just annoying, it is a built-in warning that your pads are worn. It is best to acknowledge that warning with a visit to Quality Coaches.

Brakes will also provide additional warnings to let you know they need attention. When you experience one of these warnings, it is best to take action as the problem will only get worse. That not only means it will be more expensive to repair but that it could be dangerous for you and your passengers. These additional brake repair warnings include:

  • Pulling to one side or the other when braking. This means your brakes are not wearing evenly. That could be caused by a variety of issues including a blocked or damaged brake line.
  • Pulsing or vibrating when stopping. While there are several potential causes of this, worn brakes are a good candidate.
  • The brake pedal is “squishy” or sinks toward the floor boards. This could indicate low brake fluid, a leak in a brake line or several other problems.
  • Brakes that grind with a sound of metal to metal. If your brakes have gotten to this point, see us at Quality Coaches ASAP. This means that you have burned through any braking material. What is stopping your vehicle is the pressure of metal on metal, and that is not good. If you catch this noise quickly enough you may be able to save your rotors by having them “turned” or ground evenly. Rotors however, like brakes, can wear and may need replacement.


The key to brake repair problems are catching them early on. The other key is having auto brake service performed by a qualified auto service center with integrity and who guarantees their work. In the Twin-Cities area, that is Quality Coaches. We guarantee our labor for a year and our parts are covered under manufacturer warranties. The next time your brakes make the slightest squeal, rub, grind or swerve, bring your vehicle to Quality Coaches.

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