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It can be the first indication of a problem with your car, yet many people ignore it when it occurs. It is when the check engine light goes on your dashboard. We see it with customers from Roseville, Apple Valley, Minneapolis and throughout the Twin Cities, MN region. It is an easy to ignore, but many times simple to fix problem.

Check engine lights are part of your vehicles on-board diagnostic system. These systems first began appearing as what were then referred to as “idiot lights” in the 1970’s with simple warning lights of potential engine problems. In the early 1980’s they began to become more sophisticated. By the late 1980’s, standardized check engine diagnostic connectors and test signals were pushed forward by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). This made performing a check engine light scan easier on all types of vehicles. In the 1990’s, emissions testing began to become of part of the on-board diagnostics. Today, these systems are highly sophisticated and employ technology that can detail a wealth of information about what is going on with your vehicle. This information is picked up by a number of sensors that will illuminate the check engine light if something is out of the pre-determined parameters.

When your check engine light goes on, there is no reason to panic. Many times it is something very simple, but you do need to take action. You can take some steps to see if you may be able to find the problem yourself. Check to make sure your gas cap is on properly, your fluids are at their appropriate levels, and there are no apparent loose hoses or wires. Once you do this and the check engine light remains lit, it is time to head to Quality Coaches for a check engine repair.

At Quality Coaches, our experienced team will run a check engine light scan. This check engine diagnostic will give us a series of codes that will narrow down what the problem is. Even after visiting us, it may still be a simple, inexpensive fix. When a check engine light comes on, it is important you act quickly. Determining the cause of the light soon could very well save you from a more expensive repair later. Most of all do not ignore it. It is trying to tell you something. It is telling you to come to Quality Coaches for your check engine repair.

At Quality Coaches, most of our mechanics have over 25 years of experience. They have seen the progression from simple on board diagnostic systems to today’s advanced systems. They have experience in knowing when a car may be giving false codes and what the most likely causes are of specific codes. Through our check engine diagnostic, we will determine and solve your check engine light issue.

Whether you live in Albertville, Waconia, Lake Elmo, Hastings or anywhere in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN area, you can count on Quality Coaches. We service all makes, all models, and have been doing it for over 40 years. We have free loaner cars available and are eco-friendly. See for yourself the Quality Coaches difference.

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