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Your auto cooling system provides critical protection for your car, even in the cold Minneapolis-St. Paul winters. But in cold or hot weather, when you experience a cooling system problem, you can trust the heating and cooling system experts at Quality Coaches for any coolant system repair.

For over 40 years we’ve been serving the needs of car owners in the Twin-Cities, MN area including expert radiator repair. Your auto cooling system can fail at any time. Knowing what to look for and who to call can save you significantly.

Your engine produces an immense amount of heat. Even with the appropriate amount of coolant and a properly maintained cooling system you can easily feel the heat coming off of your engine’s block. Your cooling system circulates a combination of water and protective anti-freeze and coolant throughout your engine to help manage these extreme temperatures.

While an auto cooling system is critical, it is relatively straightforward. Coolant is pushed through the engine block from the radiator from which it is stored. It circulates throughout the engine block and returns to the radiator where the air flow that that flows through the radiator re-cools the coolant.

How do you know you have a cooling system problem and may need a radiator repair? There are several easy to notice indicators:

  • Engine temperature levels increase or decrease. This could mean something as simple as a low level of coolant in the system. In cold weather, it could mean your coolant has frozen. It could also be a thermostat issue. The problem could also be the result of leakage or a clogged radiator among other things.
  • You have to constantly add coolant. This is an indication that your cooling system is leaking somewhere or is overheating to where the fluid is evaporating due to steaming.
  • Your engine begins to steam or hiss. Your coolant system is a closed system that is engineered to hold the pressure of very hot liquids. When there is an issue, steam can escape from several places, including the location of any breach, the pressure cap on the radiator may release, or the overflow may be draining liquid. The steam is not only from the hot liquid, but from when it contacts the engine. When this occurs see Quality Coaches immediately. We have 24 hour towing available from Schmidt Towing at 763 253 1568.


With Quality Coaches, we offer free loaner cars, a one year labor and manufacturer’s warranty on parts, and are conveniently located just off 35W at the 36th St. exit. We offer radiator repair services for all makes, and all models. We are a Better Business Bureau ‘Integrity Award’ winner and have been voted ‘Best Car Shop for Women’ by Minnesota Women’s Press. We also have an Angie’s List 5 star listing as well as a 5 star listing from Car Talk. Contact Quality Coaches for a coolant system repair that won't get you steamed.

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