Signs You Have Muffler Problems That Need to be Repaired

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Signs You Have Muffler Problems That Need to be Repaired

Muffler problems can make your car loud and can impact the exhaust system. Unfortunately, most people do not know when theirs needs to be replaced. Here are some signs that you have muffler problems that indicate yours needs to be repaired or replaced.

Loud Noise

The most common sign that your muffler needs to be repaired is loud noises when you drive your car. If your car sounds like a rice burner, or you hear a low, rumbling noise as you drive, when you are driving it, you know something is wrong with the muffler or the exhaust system. Get this repaired quickly before it causes other problems that may be more costly to repair.

Feeling Strange Vibrations

When you are driving, you may begin to feel strange vibrations on your hands as they touch the steering wheel, or your feet when they are on the brakes. If you begin to notice these vibrations, you may have a problem with the muffler. These vibrations are caused by the muffler shaking, causing the vibrations you are feeling. Unfortunately, vibrations may also be associated with other problems. As such, if you feel this, you should have your car inspected by a professional to determine what is causing the sensation you are feeling.

White Smoke Exits the Car When You Start From a Stop

The last sign that you may have muffler problems is a plume of white smoke exits the back of the car when you begin to go following a stop. This may be when you first start your car or as you pull away from a stop sign or stop light. The plume of smoke may be prevalent enough for your to see in your side mirror, or a loved one may see you driving and tell you. This is a clear sign tha you have a problem with your exhaust system, which may include a bad muffler.

If your car is exhibiting any signs that it has muffler problems, you will want to get it repaired in a timely manner. Quality Coaches, an automotive service shop in Minneapolis, MN. can help you with muffler repairs and replacements. Contact us today to set up an appointment or get an estimate.

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