Four Signs you're Ready for New Brakes

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Four Signs you're Ready for New Brakes

Your brakes are one of the most critical safety systems on your car. When you're zooming down the highway at 60 miles per hour, it can take the entire distance of a football field (100 yards) to come to a full and complete stop. Even longer if you haven't taken good care of your brakes.

Brakes are one of those things we tend to take for granted, always expecting them to be there and function properly when we need them. But if you ignore some of the warning signs, you may find yourself in serious trouble. For more information, visit your local brake shop check out our website http://www.quality-coaches.com

Here are four signs that you may be ready for new brakes:

Four signs you're ready for new brakes

1. Strange Sounds: If you hear strange sounds every time you step on the brakes, that's a sure sign something is wrong. One of the major warning signs of worn brakes is a high-pitched squealing sound. This sound comes from a small indicator in the braking system as an audible warning that it's time for new brake pads. But because to listen for a grinding sound, which can be much more problematic and lead to more costly repairs.

2. Pulling in certain directions: If you step on the brake and you have to wrestle with the steering wheel to keep your car moving in a straight line, that's a sign of a serious issue with your brakes. Several factors could cause a car to pull in one direction or another, including a stuck caliper, a collapsed brake hose or uneven brake pads. The cause could also be unevenly inflated tires. But either way, this needs to be checked out by a professional ASAP.

3. Vibrations in the braking: While it's normal for your brake pedal to pulsate when your anti-lock brakes kick in in a braking emergency, this sensation is not normal under most other circumstances. This is generally a sign of warped rotors, which is the result of extreme stress over an extended period of time, such as frequent drives down steep hills or frequent stops while towing. 

4. Mushy pedal: A brake pedal that provides little resistance or requires you to push the pedal to the floor in order to see results means it's time to visit you local brake shop. This is usually an indicator of worn pads, but could also be a sign of a more serious issues, such as a problem with the hydraulics.

For more information on brake-related issues, visit your local brake shop or contact us today!

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