5 Simple Hacks to Extend the Life of your Tires

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5 Simple Hacks to Extend the Life of your Tires

Replacing your car’s tires is costly and time consuming. From balancing and alignment to purchasing the actual tires themselves, it can easily cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

And while no tire will last forever, there are certain steps you can take to prolong the life of your tires.

Here are five simple hacks to extend the life of your car tires

  1. Maintain proper tire pressure: Checking your tire pressure at least once a month will help ensure the rubber doesn’t wear unevenly. Maintaining the factory recommended tire pressure is crucial to extending the life of you tires. Also, under or overinflated tires can be dangerous and reduce fuel efficiency. Hint: most tires list the pressure requirements on the wheel well, but you can always check your owner’s manual if you’re unsure.

  2. Rotate your tires: It is recommended that tire rotation occurs every 6,000 to 10,000 miles. Most oil change facilities can rotate your tires while you wait as an added service. Rotating your own tires can save money, but a certified professional like the pros at Quality Coaches will help ensure the rotation is done accurately and safely. Note: If you rotate your own tires, use a reliable jack and switch wheels between axles while keeping them on the same side of the car.

  3. Align your tires: Unless you’re an experienced auto repair professional, tire alignment is best left to the experts. Special equipment is needed to balance and align tires, ensuring the tires remain perpendicular to the ground. Poor handling or veering to one side or the other is a sign your tires may be out of alignment. Pot holes or other road hazards are the most common culprit when it comes to knocking your tires out of alignment.

  4. Check for viable damage: A nail in your tire, if caught early enough, can be repairable. It’s important to visually examine your tires on a regular basis for road debris, such as glass or nails. While a puncture in your tire may not result in flat tire immediately, it can prompt a slow leak or even a blow out at cruising speeds. Regular inspection can help avoid having to change a tire on the side of the road.

At Quality Coaches, we repair cars, restore cars – and even race cars! We’re as passionate about your automobile as you are and will keep your car safe and running smoothly. Most of our mechanics have over 25 years in the auto repair business. For more information on tire maintenance and repair, contact us today!

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