Battery Issues: Why Do They Affect the Check Engine Light?

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Battery Issues: Why Do They Affect the Check Engine Light?

Almost all vehicles on the road these days have a check engine light. When this light comes on, the car's owner knows that something is not right. But when the light comes on, most people automatically think it is a huge problem, such as something being wrong with the engine. Fortunately, this is not always the case. When the light comes on, you may be having problems with your car's battery as well. Here are a few reasons why your check engine light may come on for car battery problems.

The Battery is Dead

If your battery is dead, your car will not start. It doesn't get the spark it needs to make items such as the engine run. In some instances when you stick your key in the ignition, there will be enough juice left in there to illuminate your dashboard. It is then that you will see that the check engine light is on. However, if the check engine light is on and your car won't start, there is a strong possibility that the battery is dead. Once the battery is replaced, the light should go away.

The Battery Needs to be Replaced

Another reason why your check engine light may be on is because the battery needs to be replaced. Before a battery dies completely, it may give you several signs that it is nearing the end of its lifespan. Your car may take a second or two longer to start, your dashboard lights may not be fully illuminated when you first start your car, or your car may need to be jumped repeatedly to get it started. If your check engine light comes on and your battery is three to four years old and displaying any of these signs, have your battery tested before having any other issues looked at.

The Alternator is Dying

The last reason the check engine light may come on because of battery issues is an alternator that is dying. The alternator is responsible for charging your battery. If the alternator can't charge the battery, the battery can't start your car. In some cars, the alternator is connected to the check engine light system. In other cars, it is not. Read your owner's manual to determine if your check engine light may come on because of alternator issues.

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