Tips for Getting Your Car's Air Conditioner Ready for Summer
Summer is almost upon us and that means warmer temperatures. And when it is hot outside, your car can feel like a sauna when you step into it. You want to cool it down quickly in order to make yourself and your passengers as comfortable as possible. But, if your car's air conditioner isn't working as it should, it may take a while to cool the car or even fail to do so. As such, it is important that you take the time to get your car's air conditioner ready for the summer. Here are some tips that ...
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Tips to Make Sure Your Car is Ready for Vacation
The weather is finally starting to warm up in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. The warm weather inevitably starts making people think about the summer vacation that provides them with a chance to put aside all the everyday worries about work, the house and other responsibilities. Before you hit the road, though, make sure your car is ready to get you there without incident.
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Routine Auto Maintenance (Beyond the Tune-Up)
Everybody who has ever owned or leased a car knows it requires an occasional tune-up to maintain peak performance. The term “peak performance” means different things. For the owner of a sports car, it means speed and maneuverability, to someone who drives a work truck it means power for hauling and towing. In between, most drivers expect their car to remain reliable and not pollute the atmosphere with excessive pollution. Scheduled tune-ups help maintain these goals and expected repairs furth...
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How Can Bad Oil Damage Your Engine?

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How Can Bad Oil Damage Your Engine?
Oil keeps engine components working together smoothly by reducing friction, but if your lubrication is bad or absent, your vehicle is in for a variety of mechanical problems. Ineffective lubrication can damage your vehicle by blocking the circulation of oil within your engine. Bad oil also fails to reduce friction and can gum up vital components, keeping them from working properly.
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Four Warning Signs of Transmission Failure
Your transmission is one the most critical and expensive components of your vehicle, making it important to watch for failure warning signs, so you can take your vehicle in for service before it’s too late. Jerking or difficulty shifting between gears, fluid loss and the smell of smoke are all clear indicators your transmission is in trouble.
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Avoid These 3 Deadly Driving Distractions
You know you shouldn't drive drunk, but what about driving while distracted? This seemingly vague offense is actually so common and dangerous that it's a public safety problem. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), distracted driving takes more than nine lives and injures more than 1,000 people every single day.
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Why Restoring a Car Can Make So Much Sense
Have you ever watched one of those classic automobile auction shows on television? You'll see some pretty impressive vehicles at some equally impressive prices. You can see the care that has gone into the preservation and restoration of these magnificent machines.
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The #1 Choice for Auto Restoration in the Twin Cities
For over 40 years, the Twin Cities area has come to rely on Quality Coaches for auto repair service, exhaust/muffler repair and replacement, and engine and transmission repair and replacement. But many don't know about our auto restoration services. The story of our auto restoration service is a story of our beginnings.
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Top 5 Signs That Your Suspension Needs to be Checked
Driving along in your vehicle, its suspension system -- comprised of shocks and struts -- is often something that you take for granted. Just like other parts of your car, over time as well as the effort of providing support for tons of metal, that suspension system could need to be replaced. Because many people think that the suspension system is primarily related to being comfortable during their ride, maintaining it does not rank as highly as some other tasks such as changing the oil or the br...
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The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show and Automobiles: What's Next?
Each year, as the new year makes its debut, the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) captures the world's attention. This is an international demonstration and display of the latest products in consumer technology. The show was in the news again this year, hi-lighting new products like a one-person drone for personal transportation, a refrigerator with a touch-screen door, and even a toy caterpillar that helps teach babies computer coding. But many don't realize, there is a whole section at the CES de...
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