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Battery Issues: Why Do They Affect the Check Engine Light?
Almost all vehicles on the road these days have a check engine light. When this light comes on, the car's owner knows that something is not right. But when the light comes on, most people automatically think it is a huge problem, such as something being wrong with the engine. Fortunately, this is not always the case. When the light comes on, you may be having problems with your car's battery as well. Here are a few reasons why your check engine light may come on for battery problems.
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Is There Fluid Leaking Under Your Car? Ways to Diagnose Where it May be Coming From
As you pull your car out of the garage, driveway or a parking spot, you may notice what appears to be a puddle underneath your car. If you see this, you may immediately wonder where the fluid has come from. Unfortunately, if you notice this, there is a good chance that the fluid is leaking from your car. In turn, this may cause you to wonder what is wrong and where it is coming from. Here is some information that will help you determine what is leaking and where the fluid may be coming from.
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What the Letters and Numbers on Your Car Can Tell You
Your car or truck has a variety of numbers and letters in and on it that can tell you much more about your vehicle than you may have thought. Sometimes these numbers can help an auto repair shop find specific parts and it can let you know if your car has had an engine replacement or had been salvaged. Here's a look at some on the numbers associated with your vehicle and what they can mean for you.
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All Twin Cities Auto Repair Shops are NOT the Same
When you are in search of a Twin Cities auto repair shop, the first thing to recognize is that all auto repair shops are NOT the same. In fact, the differences may be far greater than you would imagine. Some are fine as oil change shops and others can handle routine engine repairs. At Quality Coaches, we’ve made it our mission to offer full-service, state-of-the-art auto repair services. You see, we don’t just repair automobiles, we appreciate them. We own them, restore them and even race them.
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