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Is There Fluid Leaking Under Your Car? Ways to Diagnose Where it May be Coming From
As you pull your car out of the garage, driveway or a parking spot, you may notice what appears to be a puddle underneath your car. If you see this, you may immediately wonder where the fluid has come from. Unfortunately, if you notice this, there is a good chance that the fluid is leaking from your car. In turn, this may cause you to wonder what is wrong and where it is coming from. Here is some information that will help you determine what is leaking and where the fluid may be coming from.
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Tips to Make Sure Your Car is Ready for Vacation
The weather is finally starting to warm up in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. The warm weather inevitably starts making people think about the summer vacation that provides them with a chance to put aside all the everyday worries about work, the house and other responsibilities. Before you hit the road, though, make sure your car is ready to get you there without incident.
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How Can Bad Oil Damage Your Engine?

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How Can Bad Oil Damage Your Engine?
Oil keeps engine components working together smoothly by reducing friction, but if your lubrication is bad or absent, your vehicle is in for a variety of mechanical problems. Ineffective lubrication can damage your vehicle by blocking the circulation of oil within your engine. Bad oil also fails to reduce friction and can gum up vital components, keeping them from working properly.
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