April 1-2, 2017

Twist and Shout Join Quality Coaches as we host the renowned John Twist for a two-day event all about MG motorcars. John will host a rolling technical session on Saturday, April 1, (details below). The first 10 people that register will be eligible to have John evaluate their cars. A follow-up seminar on Sunday will include popular topics selected by attendees.



John Twist | MG Repair

John Twist has been working with MG’s for over 45 years. His career has taken him many places. John started originally at an MG dealer in the United States. Later in the United Kingdom he worked for the largest MG dealer in the world, the original University Motors. Since 1975 he has operated his own University Motors. John’s University Motors has worked on MGs from nearly every state in the union, including Alaska and Hawaii. They perform bench, line, and restoration services.


 Over the years, John has become a master of all things MG from organizing to mechanics. He has written technical articles about MG’s since 1979, these articles have been published in all the national club magazines as well as Abingdon Classics, Classic MG Magazine, MG Magazine, MG Enthusiast Magazine and Moss Motoring. He is the former Technical Chairman of the American MGB Association and currently the Technical Coordinator for the North American MGB Register (NAMGBR).


  John's passion for MGs has lead him to become an organizer as well, following are some of the organization which he has been involved with. Founding chairman of the NAMGBR; co-founder of the British Motor Trade Association, co-founder of the West Michigan “Old Speckled Hen” MG Car Club to name a few.


  He also knows how to put on a successful event. His University Motors MG summer parties are some of the largest MG events in the world outside of England. Three of those events boasted over 550 MGs on the field. He was the chairman of the first all-register MG meet, MG International–Indy 96 which drew 1,200 MGs.


  With his wide range of experience, it's only natural that John would want to share his passion with others. Since 1983, he has lead thirty technical seminars in his shop and numerous off-site seminars. Over 2,000 MG enthusiasts have attended his sessions. His rolling technical sessions are a recurring hit at MG and British Car shows throughout the country. He has nearly 300 YouTube videos on line, with nearly 5,000,000 views. That's quite an impact.


  On a personal note, John is a father of four, and grandfather to three.

 He is a Vietnam veteran, coin collector, avid genealogist, and occasionally writes historical articles for local newspapers. John’s personal cars include a red 1962 MGA 1600 Mark II Deluxe and a harvest gold 1973 MGB/GT. John has resided in Grand Rapids since 1973 but still consider Grand Rapids, Michigan his hometown.


John is a true enthusiast and subject matter expert on British automobile’s and can speak at length and with authority on a variety of subjects.  Some of the most popular include the following.


Confessions of an MG Mechanic – a humorous presentation of the trials and tribulations of running an MG shop for 40+ years. John’s shop stories embrace the idiosyncrasies of customers, employees, and of course the cars.


MG Is My Destiny or How I Became an MG Mechanic – John shares stories from his life.  Starting with the purchase of his first MG in 1968, to his year in England in 1972, to the closing of the Abbingdon factory in 1980, concluding with stories culled from 41 years in business.



  Saturday, April 1. This is John’s most popular presentation. John performs triage on one MG after another in this fast-paced session, all the while bantering with the crowd. John identifies the problems and repairs them if they are simple. If the repair is too complex or time consuming, the owner will be provided instruction how to perform the repair. This is real-world tuning and repair demonstration. John has presented his Rolling Tech Session since the early 1990s. During the NAMGBR held in Niagara Falls in June, 2015, John worked on 25 MGs. 


Saturday, April 1 

  • Doors open at 8:00 a.m. 
  • Introductions 9:00 a.m. 
  • Seminar begins 9:30 
  • Break for lunch between 12:00-12:30 
  • End 4:30 p.m.


  Sunday, April 2. Possible topics to be discussed include restoration, best practices for maintenance, and Gear Box issues. You can also suggest other topics on our registration page. This is a wonderful opportunity to help us customize the seminar to your needs.


Sunday, April 2 

  • Seminar begins 09:30 a.m. 
  • Break for lunch between 12:00 - 12:30 
  • End 4:30 p.m.


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