April 2, 2018

"Hello Quality Coaches!I had a milestone birthday this month; I turned 50 years old.As part of making my 50th birthday, I am writing to several people and businesses for who,m I am grateful for. So - Quality Coaches - I am grateful to you.We have a looooong history... :) The first time I brought my car to you I was a 20-something. It was back in the early 1990s; I had a SAAB. which I actually had no business owning because I had so little money. Then you saw me through my Honda Civic, which was a great car before it got stolen and ripped for parts. For the past 12 years, you've services my Saturn Ion - my first no-frills workhorse of a car. From the beginning, I have appreciated the skill, professionalism, individual attention and integrity with which you run your business. You have treated me with respect, and I feel lucky to have found you.For these reasons and more, I have brought my cars to you for 25+ years, and I have referred Quality Coaches to friends and colleaguesI am grateful to be one of your customers. TYhank you for being a trustworthy place of business!"
May 8, 2017

Douglas Dill

"I think these people can fix any make or model. I'm always confident when I take my car or truck to them that they'll do it right the first time."
December 31, 2016

Sue Kennedy Schmit

"The owner is great and the staff is very knowledgeable! I would recommend this shop highly."
March 8, 2016

Patricia Brook L Lemm-Tabor

"My friend Fred said this, "I have been using Quality Coaches for more than 15 years with all of my cars. Jeeps, BMW's and more. Steve and Mark have treated me professionally and always got to the source of any problem instantly. I found their rates to be more cost effective than others. As wide as their automotive talents are, if they didn't specialize in the problem/solution (specific car transmissions) they sent me to their recommended specialist, who again treated me fairly. They usually always had a loaner car on hand for me. These guys are great! I'll keep using them as long as I am around. " Fred Pielert There should be more Quality around."