Transmission Repair Services in Minneapolis

Your car’s transmission is the vital link that takes the power of your car’s engine and transfers it to propel your vehicle. A transmission replacement can also be one of the two most expensive mechanical repairs that your car may ever need. A transmission repair or replacement can be in the hundreds and in some cases, the thousands of dollars. It is critical when a transmission needs attention that it be serviced correctly. Quality Coaches serves the Twin Cities area with transmission repair and replacement services that are absolutely guaranteed.

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Of course it is best to avoid transmission repairs. While some vehicles are known for their transmission issues, there are steps you can take to prolong its life.


  • Check your transmission fluid and only replenish it with the type of fluid recommended by your manufacturer.
  • If your vehicle is newer, have the transmission fluid flushed regularly. If you have an older transmission with lots of miles on it, but it seems to be operating alright, you may want to avoid flushing.
  • Let your transmission fluid and your car warm up on our cold Minnesota mornings. Transmission fluid thickens in sub-freezing temperatures and will circulate better after even a brief period of warming up.
  • Don’t drive your car for an extended period of time in an inappropriate low gear.
  • Towing inappropriate loads or plowing snow can put extraordinary strain on your transmission. Make sure you are operating within you manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Do not shift your automatic transmission while your vehicle is moving, even slightly.
  • Riding your brake with your foot on the gas or power braking can both lead to premature failure of your transmission.
  • Have your transmission looked at professionally at least once or twice annually.
  • Your engine and transmission work in concert to power your vehicle. Keeping your engine running properly will also help the life of your transmission.

Signs of transmission problems include transmission fluid leaks, grinding noises, a delay in gears engaging after shifting, or a clutch that becomes hard to work. When you experience any of these problems, we recommend you see us at Quality Coaches immediately.

At Quality Coaches, we will inspect your transmission to determine the extent of any damage. If damage is found, we will provide a free estimate for the transmission repair or replacement. In cases where the entire transmission needs replacement you will be given options. We could potentially rebuild your current transmission, install a rebuilt transmission, or you may choose to have a brand new replacement transmission. The labor is guaranteed for a year and we honor all manufacturer warranties on parts.  Our transmission specialists will get you back on the road in a quick manner. In the meantime, we are pleased to offer free loaner cars. We service transmissions on all makes and models both foreign and domestic.

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When faced with a repair, particularly an expensive repair, you want to be ensured it is repaired properly. We invite you to visit us at Quality Coaches. Our team of experienced specialists average over 25 years in the automotive repair industry. At Quality Coaches, we maintain cars, repair cars, restore cars, and even race cars!

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