Can I Use Modern Paint on Classic Cars?

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You have a beautiful classic simply waiting for your TLC to make it purr again. As you work on your auto restoration in Minneapolis, MN, you realize that the final step will be to give your ride a new paint job. But is it safe to use modern paint on a classic car?

Since the paints that are available today are the only ones you have to work with, you have little choice but to use modern paint for your auto restoration in Minneapolis, MN. Fortunately, there are many types of paint available, and you can choose the type that will provide the finish you desire:

  • Specialty paints: Some classic car owners prefer to use specialty paints to achieve a specific look for their vehicles. Acrylic enamel paint, also known as one stage paint, requires only one application (unlike other paints that require a base coat and a clear finish coat). Other specialty paints include metallic finishes and chameleon paints. If you think this might be what you’re looking for, consult with your local auto body shop to get a recommendation.
  • Acrylic lacquers: This type of paint is popular among owners of classic cars. If you want your auto restoration in Minneapolis, MN to result in a very high-gloss (shiny) finish, acrylic lacquer paints can accomplish this. Keep in mind that this paint is not recommended for a car that you plan to drive every day. It does not offer the protection provided by other paints. However, if your vehicle will see limited use or will be used as a showroom classic, acrylic lacquer offers a good solution. Quick tip: For easier spray application, try mixing it with a lacquer thinner.
  • Prep finishes: Also referred to as primers, these undercoat finishes are available in gray or black. Use these to prep your car to receive the final coat. The primer will allow the paint to adhere to the vehicle and result in a more consistent finish. Primer can also protect the car from future rust. If you use a primer for your auto restoration in Minneapolis, MN, don’t forget to sand the primed surface before you apply the paint.
  • Base coat: From zesty yellow to cherry red, these paints provide the color you want for your car. They do not contain hardeners or create a glossy finish. They typically require a clear coat finish to protect the car and achieve the shiny look you desire. If you know what color you want to apply, consult with your local experts in auto restoration in Minneapolis, MN to learn how to get that shade for your vehicle.

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