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Preventing Winter Breakdowns: Tips from a Mechanic in Minneapolis, MN

January 26, 2018 Published by

Even though we’re in the thick of winter now here in Minnesota, it’s never too late to make sure your car is capable of handling the wintery conditions. Whether it’s snow, ice or extreme cold, you should be prepared for just about anything between December and March in Minnesota. There are a few things you can do to make sure your car will operate properly throughout the winter. Here are some strategies we recommend as a longtime mechanic in Minneapolis, MN. Put together an emergency supply kit This is the most important step you can take with regard to your... View Article

Back to School Tips… for Your Car?

September 7, 2017 Published by

You have you backpack, your shoes and your notebook, but what have you forgotten? Did you check off the car? Maybe a car isn’t on the school supplies list for your student, but if your child drives a car to get to school every day or is possibly making a trek back to college, their car should definitely be on that back-to-school checklist. We don’t mean that you should buy your child a new car every semester, but there are a few things inside your child’s car that should be inspected. So whether you plan to check your child’s car... View Article