To Wax or Not to Wax a Classic Car?

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If you own a classic car, odds are that you want to keep it looking as beautiful as it did the day it drove off the lot. The way to do this is by protecting the paint and finishes so they shine like new even if they’re decades old. You might worry that waxing your car can ruin it, but in fact, waxing your classic car—if done correctly—will add years to your car exterior’s lifespan and keep those heads turning as you drive by.

Once you’ve invested in auto restoration in Minneapolis, MN, follow the steps below to ensure your car shines for a long time to come.

  • Washing gently: Before you wax, you always need to give your car a thorough wash. Here’s where you don’t want to skimp on effort, though. You might be tempted to run your car through an automated car wash because it’s easier, but that risks damaging the car’s exterior because of the rough brushes and chemicals the car wash uses. These can scratch the car’s paint, and a scratch can always lead to bigger exterior problems down the road. Instead, take the time to wash your car by hand, using a simple sponge and a gentler washing detergent.
  • Drying thoroughly: Your work’s not done once you’ve washed the car, unfortunately. If you let the car air dry, you can run into issues with water spots, which will mar the car’s beauty. Make sure to dry the car right after you wash, rubbing a soft cotton or sheepskin cloth in a circular motion until you’ve rid the car of any remaining water. Again, investing time in this step will make your car shine even more.
  • Deep clean with detailing clay: Washing is a great way to get rid of any surface dirt, but for the dirt and grime that’s more deeply embedded in your classic car, you’ll want to use detailing clay. All you need to do is rub the clay over the car to remove any dirt without causing unsightly scratches.
  • Finally, the wax: You should apply your car wax only after you’ve finished the steps above. Make sure to choose a wax that offers a nice shine, and apply it over the whole car in straight lines to avoid scratching it. You will need to overlap the lines to ensure the wax is applied evenly.

If you’re interested in auto restoration in Minneapolis, MN, make sure to take care of your classic car by cleaning and waxing it regularly. You also need to take care of the car’s engine and mechanical system by working with an exceptional mechanic. Quality Coaches, Inc. should be your first and only stop. We have a skilled team of technicians that can offer any repairs for your classic car.

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