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Which Type of Motor Oil Is Best for Winter in Minnesota?

December 11, 2018 Published by

As you know, motor oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. Having the right type of oil running through your engine ensures peak performance and prolongs the lifespan of your car. Though they’re always important, oil changes in Minneapolis, MN are just a little more crucial in the winter when the temperatures plummet to the single digits or lower. When temperatures fall, your oil thickens and starts to flow more slowly. You don’t need to be a certified mechanic to know that’s a problem for your engine, especially on startup! The good news is that there’s a solution: replace your... View Article

Fluid Flushes for the Summer Season

February 15, 2018 Published by

It may seem like summer will never come—but fortunately, spring is just around the corner, and soon, summer will be upon us! Before you pack your bags and head out to your favorite warm-weather destination, however, there are a number of vehicle maintenance operations, including oil changes in Minneapolis, MN, that you should perform to protect your car’s engine and yourself. Seasonal changes can result in buildups of crud, dirt and debris in your engine, meaning that now is the ideal time to begin the process of bringing your engine up to speed for the summer season. It’s important to... View Article