Carburetor Basics for Classic Car Owners

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For more than two decades, fuel injection systems have been standard on new vehicles. But for older vehicles, carburetors were standard. For this reason, anyone with an interest in classic and antique cars needs to learn something about how carburetors work and why they’re so important.

It’s also handy to have a mechanic around who can help you with auto restoration in Minneapolis, MN when you own a classic vehicle. The right mechanic will know all about how to obtain carburetor parts and how to keep the system in working order. Luckily, Quality Coaches, Inc. is here to provide invaluable support to antique and classic car owners throughout the region. Here are some tips on what you should know about carburetors:

  • Proceed with caution: The fact is that carburetors are delicate and need to be treated with care. They’re typically made out of aluminum and can easily be damaged if bolts are tightened too much, or if they’re handled roughly. Therefore, it’s essential to use a torque wrench or you could risk doing damage.
  • Worry about quality: When it comes time to replace a carburetor, you want a very well designed piece. You also want to consider whether you need all-out performance or everyday driving capability. Do your research and ask the experts about what will be the best choice for your vehicle.
  • Use newer parts to avoid problems: Newer fuels have additives that could be harmful to older parts on carburetors. This means replacing carburetor parts so that they can stand up to the additives in modern gasoline is a must.
  • Be careful with modifications: You want to stick with modifications that can be easily undone if necessary. Avoid anything that breaks or bends part of the carburetor, even if it might temporarily improve performance. Tuning up the carburetor is a fun part of being a vintage car owner, but make sure you’re not making any significant changes without the guidance of an expert mechanic.
  • Keep the system clean: Modern fuel injection systems are closed off, meaning that outside dirt, grime and dust are less liable to affect the system. But old carburetors don’t have this protection built in. That means cleaning it regularly with an aerosol carb cleaner is essential to keep it clean inside and out.

Quality Coaches, Inc. has established itself as a leader in auto restoration in Minneapolis, MN. With more than four decades of experience, we’ve built a reputation as an affordably priced service with expert technicians who have the experience and skill to take care of a range of vehicles. We’re passionate about taking excellent care of classic cars to preserve this era of beautiful, historic vehicles.

We do everything from repairing cars to building race cars to providing towing services. No matter what your automotive needs may be, you can trust Quality Coaches, Inc. to deliver friendly and professional service. If you have a particularly tricky job involving imported foreign parts, or just need a tune-up, we’re here to help. Give us a call or stop by today to learn more and receive a free estimate.

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