How to Certify a Vintage Car as Classic in Minnesota

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For many car collectors, vintage or antique automobiles are their prized possessions. Of course, these cars must undergo a series of inspections and certifications to be acknowledged within the industry as a classic car. In fact, without these designations, you may not be able to legally drive in your state, receive accurate insurance quotes or sell the car for its true value.

Most classic car owners will certify their vehicles as part of the process for auto restoration in Minneapolis, MN. If you aren’t sure of how to get your vehicle certified, here are a few things you should know.

Industry certification

Within the auto industry, there are many organizations or programs that conduct routine judging events to certify a car as classic. This judging process verifies that your vehicle is in a condition that is factory-original, aside from restoration from wear and tear. During the event, judges who are very familiar with classic car construction, paint and engine formation will examine the car and determine its validity as a classic.

In order to get your car certified at one of these events, you must ensure that your restoration follows the judging organization’s guidelines. Interior and exterior cleanliness is important, as is having the vehicle in good working condition. Research the judging organization’s guidelines before entering these events to ensure success.

Additionally, you should also have a paper trail of documentation that shows the origin of your vehicle, VIN and history of parts replacements and any other auto restoration work done in Minneapolis, MN.

State vehicle registration

Once you have your car certified as classic by an industry-recognized program, you should also protect it by having it registered as a classic car within the state.

Registering an antique or classic car differs from registering a standard vehicle in the state of Minnesota. Your car must qualify for registration by meeting certain state-established requirements.

Vintage plates are available for a few different types of vehicles with historical value. According to the Minnesota DMV website, the following cars can get vintage car license plates:

  • Pioneer vehicles that were manufactured prior to 1936
  • Classic vehicles that were built between 1925 and 1948
  • Street rod vehicles that were built before 1949 or made into a replica of this type of vehicles
  • Collector’s item vehicles that are older than 19 years or vehicles older than nine years if a limited number was produced

In order to get vintage registration for your vehicle, you will need to submit documentation and fees for the registration process in person at a local DMV office or by mail to the DPS Driver and Vehicle Services Division in St. Paul. This process will include a request form, on which you will need to identify which type of collector plate type you are applying for.

Once you submit the paperwork, a DMV agent will review your forms and grant or deny you classic car registration.

Keep your classic in great shape

Part of what helps vehicle owners in Minnesota get and retain classic car registration is by restoring it and maintaining it over time. At Quality Coaches, Inc., we specialize in auto restoration in Minneapolis, MN. Turn to us for assistance in bringing your vintage vehicle back to life!

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