Are You and Your Car Ready for the Winter?

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You have your gloves, scarf, hat, boots and coat—from the looks of it, you’re all set to take on whatever Mother Nature throws at you this winter. But what about your car? Have you taken the time to ensure that it’s just as prepared for winter as you are? If not, it’s time to do so! This post will teach you everything you need to know about winterizing your car:

  • General tune-up: First and foremost, now is the best time of year to visit your mechanic in Minneapolis, MN for a tune-up. A certified mechanic can take a look at every aspect of your vehicle and determine what needs to be repaired or replaced. Trust us—you’d much rather have your car fixed up now than have a breakdown in the middle of a snowstorm.
  • Battery: Cold temperatures wreak havoc on car batteries, especially those that are more than three years old. If your battery is on the older side, you could soon find yourself in need of a jump on a cold winter’s day. Now’s a great time to bring your vehicle to an auto shop and have your battery tested. If it doesn’t perform well, save yourself a lot of trouble and buy a new one.
  • Oil: Your motor oil runs slower as it gets colder outside, which will inevitably lead to engine trouble. Luckily, winter motor oils are designed to flow smoothly despite frigid temperatures. Swap out your motor oil with one made for winter, and you can rest easy knowing your car will run better this season.
  • Tires: With as much snow as we get each winter, you’d be well advised to swap out your regular tires for snow tires. The deeper tread and softer rubber on snow tires ensure that your vehicle can make it down the road in any conditions. Even if you don’t want to pony up for new tires, at least have your current ones inspected by a mechanic in Minneapolis, MN.
  • Brakes: The ability to stop on a dime is critical this time of year. If your brakes squeak and squeal as you begin to slow down, you should have them replaced and reduce your odds of being in an accident out on the road.
  • Gas: Getting gas is a pain, especially when prices are sky-high, but in the winter it’s critical that you always at least have a half-full tank. You never know when you might slide off the road and need to keep your car running to stay warm.
  • Emergency kit: Finally, make sure you’re ready to survive through any situation by keeping an emergency kit in your car. This kit should include first aid items, road flares, flashlights, jumper cables, extra blankets and gloves, food (like energy bars) and bottled water. You can never be too prepared for an emergency!

The longer you wait to schedule an appointment with your mechanic in Minneapolis, MN, the bigger danger you are to yourself and everyone else on the road. Be smart this winter and come to see the professionals at Quality Coaches, Inc. A fast inspection and tune-up can be the difference between a safe winter and a major accident on the road.

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