The Rarest Vintage European Automobiles Admired by Every Classic Car Mechanic in Minneapolis, MN

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The beauty of owning a classic car is that it’s just that—classic. This means its look will never go out of style, and heads are guaranteed to turn every time you take it out for a drive. But another thing about classic vehicles is that, year after year, they can also become less and less available to collectors. Old vintage cars get destroyed, parted out by relatives who’ve inherited property, are difficult to find or grabbed up quickly on the rare occasions when they go on the market.

What we call classic vehicles used to be common sights on the roads back in the day—especially on European roadways. But which of these vehicles are the most notable yet rarely seen cars on the road today?

Here are some of the rarest vintage European automobiles that most every classic car mechanic in Minneapolis, MN would love to own—or at least get the chance to work on.

Morris Marina

The word “classic” can vary in meaning to people. A good example is the Morris Marina. Not everyone would agree that it has the look of a classic vehicle, but between 1971 and 1980 it was a very popular ride. Although highly sought after, the Marina’s steel body with rear-wheel drive would soon present with rust, leading to an ugly exterior. People began to scrap them. However, today, collectors all over the world continue to show interest in this classic.

Fiat Dino

Though this two-seater sports car is a Fiat, it was actually made by Ferrari and given a Ferrari-made V6 engine. The now-rare V6 Fiat Dino was manufactured for public purchase between 1966 and 1973, and later a 2.4-liter version was released. Creating this sports Fiat was Ferrari’s way of getting around racing production requirements. It was introduced in a dropped spider design or coupe style. Three-quarters of the 7,803 Fiat Dinos produced were coupes, and the rest were spiders. A recent search in the United Kingdom indicated there are only 40 of these still known to be in existence.

Bond Bug

Classic car collectors are also always on the lookout for vehicles that are unique, and one such vehicle is the Bond Bug. With three wheels and two seats, a tangerine color exterior and a top speed of 76 mph, this car definitely stood out on a crowded road. The Bond Bug, produced between 1970 and 1974, came in other colors as well, but most of the 2,270 built were tangerine orange. At the time, 76 mph was fairly fast; however, a fast-moving Bug could also tip over around sharp corners.

Austin Allegro

The Austin Allegro is another rare European vehicle that was built between 1973 and 1982. Most notably, this front-wheel drive family car had a roundish-square-ish steering wheel to allow for more knee room in the small cabin. Only 166 of the 642,350 remain.

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